Testimonials from Gymnasts at Torre

'I love it because I get to exercise' Lyla, 8

'Bay Bouncers is so cool, warm ups are so tiring!' Mya, 8

'Bay Bouncers is Brilliant' Keira, 8

'Bay Bouncers is Great Fun and Brilliant' Isabella, 7

Testimonials from Coaches of Bay Bouncers

'Bay Bouncers is a great opportunity, and it is an excellent service. An a trainee assistant coach I have already learnt so much and would recommend it to everyone I know to try, adults and children alike.' Dee Trainee Assistant Coach and Friend

Testimonials from Galmpton Primary

'My daughter really enjoys it and thinks it’s great that she gets to take part after school with her friends' Mum of Isabelle

'My daughter thinks that Bay Bouncers is Fantastic!'

'My granddaughter thinks that Bay Bouncers is Fun and great to do!' Nan of Ellie

'Bay Bouncers is a great way for Boys and Girls to keep active. Both my children love it! We have waited a long time for it start at school. Thank you' Helen

Testimonials from other companies and friends of Bay Bouncers

'Emily, of Bay Bouncers, performed at our Medieval Christmas 1285 theatre show, in January 2013, as a medieval tumbler & dancer. She was a fantastic asset to the show, always professional, friendly and lovely to work with, and we look forward to inviting her back for any future shows' Laura (Director, writer and actor of the South Devon Players theatre company, Brixham).

Testimonials from ‘Have a Go Sessions-Trampetting!’ @ActiveDevon -

Devon Games To Inspire 14/7/13

“It was Epic I really enjoyed today doing Gymnastics! Thank you” (Josh, 9)

“I really enjoyed doing the trampettes! Thank You” (Chantelle, 8)

“Really Cool Experience, nice to try a New Sport and Good for All Ages! Thanks.” (Jake, 15)

“The best part was learning to do new things on the trampettes as a result I enjoyed the activity. Thanks.” (Richard, 15)

“I had a really good time!” (Alice, 14)

“You’re very fortunate to be able to do such clever things – I envy you.” (Dennis, 84)

“Came down today to get a feel for the Holiday Club Sessions, think I’m really going to enjoy it! It looks really cool!” (Kayleigh, 20)

“As a friend of Emily’s and qualified coach I thought today at the Devon Games to Inspire, went really well. All the kids (and even some adults) really enjoyed themselves learning how to use the trampette correctly doing basic jumps, with the majority going on to Somersaults! Very Successful Day! (Becky, 23- Friend and Club Coach).